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Why It Works

Physics and Biology reveal that life is the result of energy organizing matter. This “life force energy” arranges atoms, molecules, cells, and networks of communication to carry out the complex interactions within living beings. 


Optimal human health is the result of highly organized mind-body systems working together.  We can feel this vitality in our own body, In our movements, We see it in our youth, in athletes.  The more organized it is, the more energy is available in the system, and vice versa; the more energy, the more organized it is.  


Humans are sensitive creatures, our systems can become disorganized from many causes: aging, injury, toxicity, strong emotions, improper sleep to name a few.  


To adjust to the natural changes we go through and work toward optimal health we need to continually re-organize our habits, our bodies and our mindset. 


Re-organizing requires energy, our own life force energy, the energy provided by nature, food, water, medicines, and the support of others such as healthcare providers. 


Our goal at Eldorado Healing Arts is to help facilitate your healing process by perceiving the patterns of disorder and employing efficient ways to re-establish order. We look at patterns in the muscles, fascia, joints, nerves and energy systems, as well as patterns in diet, and lifestyle.

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